Christopher Frauenberger

Christopher Frauenberger Foto

Christopher Frauenberger is the PI (principle investigator) for this project and full professor for HCI at University of Salzburg (Austria). He investigates and designs interactive digital technology in a wide range of contexts with groups who are often marginalized in mainstream innovation landscapes, e.g., autistic children. His research builds on new philosophical perspectives to conceptualize our increasingly entangled relationships with technology, unearthing the ethical, moral, epistemological and ontological implications for designing technological futures. Read more here.

Jeanette Falk Olesen

Jeanette Falk is a postdoc researcher in the Diversity Computing Spaces project. Before joining the University of Salzburg, she completed her PhD at Aarhus University in the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies. During her PhD, she researched accelerated and time-limited formats, such as hackathons and game jams, and how these formats f.ex. shape creativity and participation. In general, her research interests are driven by how the design and development of technology may be democratised. In the project, she will be responsible for among other things organizing workshops, analysing data, and writing research articles based on the project.

Anna Blumenkranz

Anna Blumenkranz Foto

Anna is a researcher and PhD student on the project, and has a background in creative technology education and interaction design. In the past she has worked with a variety of institutions such as schools, public libraries, museums, etc. At "Diversity Computing Spaces" she is responsible for planning and conducting workshops with school students, prototyping, as well as collecting and analysing research data. Along with Moritz, Anna is the contact person for organisational questions around workshop sessions and on-site planning

Moritz Kubesch

Moritz Kubesch Foto

Moritz is currently a Junior Researcher at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction who will finish his Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the beginning of the year 2022 and who will then join the “Diversity Computing Spaces” project as a PhD student. He has a background in software and electrical engineering, as well as interaction design. Moritz already joined the Center for Human-Computer Interaction in 2019. Since then, he has been involved in projects concerning schools and kindergartens. At “Diversity Computing Spaces”, he is together with Anna responsible for workshops, prototyping, and the collection and analysis of the research data. His primary research interest is all-around play and how play can support bringing people together.